Tomb of Queen Titi (QV52)

Titi was a royal lady of Dynasty XX, but little is known about her except that she held the title of Queen. Her tomb is built in the style of royal tombs of the period, though on a smaller scale and has been greatly damaged by later reuse. Its decoration is of lightly carved relief, painted in delicate warm colours on a white plaster background.

The entrance jambs leading to the first corridor contain the titles and texts of the queen. The eastern wall of the corridor shows a kneeling winged Ma’at and scenes of the queen before Ptah in his shrine, Re-Horakhty, Imseti, Duamutef and Isis. On the western side Titi is shown in similar scenes before Thoth, Atum, Hapi, Khebsenuef, and Nephthys. The queen is often depicted wearing the braids of a young girl, suggesting that she had a premature death, but is also shown with elaborate hairstyle and plumed headdress.

A doorway with a winged Ma’at on the lintel and portrayals of Neith and Selkis, leads to a square chamber with annexes off each of its sides. The scenes in this chamber are painted on a gold background and feature the solar barques of Night and Day on the south wall, with the queen shaking a sistra before the Four Sons of Horus. The north wall on each side of the entrance shows the jackal and lion guardians on the left and Neb-neri and Heri-maat on the right, similar to the scenes in the tomb of Khaemwaset. On the east wall, two baboons and a monkey with a bow are depicted with mythological beings from the funerary books and the west wall also shows guardians of the Netherworld.

The three side-chambers were designed to house the queen’s burial goods and show scenes of Titi before various deities. In the western annex depictions of the canopic jars watched by three guardians can be seen on the south wall and on the west wall the queen is shown standing before a tree-goddess with Hathor as a cow emerging from the Western Mountain behind.

The ceilings of the burial chamber are decorated with delicate white stars on a golden background.


The tomb of Titi is currently open to visitors. Tickets for the Queens Valley can be bought at the gate and cost EGP 35 for three tombs. Photography inside the tombs is strictly forbidden and can incur heavy fines.

~ by Su on February 6, 2009.