Tomb of Djutmose (TT295)

Djutmose was also called Paroy. He was a mortuary priest and embalmer in Dynasty XVIII, probably during the reign of Amenhotep III, and held the titles ‘Head of the Secrets in the Chest of Anubis’ and ‘Sem Priest in the Good House, Embalmer’. His tomb in el-Khokha is entered from the tomb of Nefersekheru (TT296).

All that can now be seen of Djutmose’s tomb is a single chamber – the entrance is a modern opening on the eastern side from Nefersekheru’s tomb, whereas the original tomb entrance would have been in the centre of the southern wall. Another chamber which contained the burial shaft is also blocked off. The decoration should therefore begin at the western end of the wall on the left-hand side where the deceased with his wife Nefertari, a daughter and his son, Huy take part with other guests at the banquet.

The end wall contains a stela in the form of a false door painted to represent granite with pictures of relatives offering to Djutmose and his wives Nefertari and Rennutet at the sides and a double Osiris scene above.

At the end of the northern wall are more banquet scenes, with relatives and an offering-list before the parents of Djutmose. His father was Sennuter, who was also a sem-priest and his mother was Senemiah (?).

The eastern end of the southern wall (to the left of the modern entrance) also shows offering scenes with butchers slaughtering oxen and burnt offerings to the parents of the deceased. In the next section Djutmose and his family worship Osiris, and there are scenes depicting episodes from the ‘Opening of the Mouth’ ritual. Ceremonies are performed before mummies and there is a good depiction of the ‘waking priest’ and the ‘sleeping priest’ – men dressed in striped cloaks who take a mysterious part in this ritual.

There are two registers on the wall to the right of the modern entrance which relate to the cult of the tomb-owner and his family. At the top a double-scene depicts statues of Djutmose and his wife Nefertari being purified by priests, with offering scenes below.


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~ by Su on February 7, 2009.