Tomb of Nefersekheru (TT107)

Nefersekheru was a royal scribe and a ‘Steward in the Estate of Amenhotep III’ during Dynasty XVIII, and probably worked in the royal palace at Malqata. His father’s name was Neby, a judge, and his mother was Hepu.

His tomb can be found in the lower enclosure at Sheikh ‘Abd el-Qurna, to the north of most of the other tombs of the area. Only the portico with its three remaining columns is accessible today as the main part of the tomb is filled with debris, but Nefersekheru’s names and titles can be seen on one of the columns.

On the north wall to the right of the tomb entrance there is an offering list which denotes the offerings to be given at the Festival of New Year. Other scenes on this part of the wall were left unfinished. Further along the wall, two scenes depict statues of the deceased Nefersekheru being purified by a priest, while other officials look on. The names of the deceased’s parents are given here.

On the right-hand side of the outer lintel in the entrance passage to the tomb, Nefersekheru kneels before Osiris, with the text from a ‘Hymn to Osiris’.

While there is little of the tomb to be seen, the quality of the reliefs is superb.


The tomb of Nefersekheru is currently closed to visitors.

~ by Su on February 7, 2009.