Tomb of Neferseshemptah

The tomb of Neferseshemptah is located to the east of the mastabas of Mereruka and Kagemni along the northern side of the wall of Teti’s pyramid. The owner of this tomb held the titles of ‘Inspector of Priests of the Pyramid Town of Teti, Steward of the Pyramid of Teti’ during early Dynasty VI. Like other officials who owned tombs around the Pyramid Neferseshemptah was also married to a king’s daughter, Sesheshet.

The façade of the tomb illustrates the standard Old Kingdom design, showing the deceased with offering texts and biographical texts and his names and titles on the entrance doorway. Relief decoration in the first room is poorly preserved and the second chamber is entered through a doorway on the right-hand side. Here are remains of scenes of offering-bringers and animals and a poultry-yard showing the feeding of birds and netting, plucking and roasting of fowl in preparation for eating. On the west wall are more offering-bringers, this time with birds and hedgehogs in cages.

In the third chamber of this tomb, Neferseshemptah and his wife are shown receiving more offerings. The deceased is sitting at a table with his wife squatting beside him in several scenes, before offering lists and priests. At the end of the room is Neferseshemptah’s false door with statues cut into both outer jambs and a bust of the deceased in place of the central panel. Six vases of oils can be seen depicted on either side. The tomb was excavated by Victor Loret in 1899.


The tomb of Neferseshemptah is not currently open to visitors.

~ by Su on February 21, 2009.