Welcome to Egyptian Monuments. This site was created as a result of my many trips to Egypt and my experiences while visiting and photographing the ancient sites. Over the past fifteen years I have visited and revisited many archaeological sites, vast and awesome temples, fascinating tombs and out-of-the-way places where the memory of an ancient civilisation remains only in scattered ruins. The journey led me to a serious study of Egyptology, a passion that I expect will continue for the rest of my life. Another of my interests is photography which combines perfectly with my love of the ancient monuments. This website was born from these two interests and a desire to share them with other travellers.

The web log has been designed with two aims. The first is an introduction for first-time visitors to the ancient sites they may encounter on a package tour or Nile cruise – a taster with photographs of what they may see. My second aim is to provide a greater level of detail on the history and archaeology of the monuments for those with a deeper interest in the study of Egypt’s ancient history. I hope you will enjoy your visit to these pages and will find the information they contain both useful and interesting.
Su Bayfield

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